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No one wants to think about death or the possibility of becoming incapacitated.  There are many resources available to help people deal with these issues on an individualized basis.  However, the task can be overwhelming.  Unfortunately, for those who are overwhelmed with the issues and options, they are going to be equally overwhelmed with all of the resources.  It is much easier to procrastinate.

MY FINAL WISHES: Now I can rest in peace! is an organized, educational workbook.  It allows the reader to prepare and provide the necessary information loved ones will need at their inevitable time of death, or the unfortunate possibility of their becoming incapacitated.  Only when you make these preparations can you be assured that your wishes will be followed – and rest in peace – when that time comes.  Failing these crucial preparations, do you know:

If you have minor children, what will happen to them when you die?
What funeral, burial and/or cremation arrangements will be made after you’re gone?
Who will be notified of your death?
Will anyone be able to ascertain the extent of your assets?
What will happen to your assets?
What will become of your family heirlooms?
Will anyone be able to locate your important papers?
If you become unable to make or communicate your own health care decisions, what decisions will be made on your behalf and by whom?
Will anyone be able to make financial decisions and transactions on your behalf if you become unable to do so?

There are also other issues you may wish to address:

Do you have advice, thoughts, dreams, and hopes for your children or others that you'd like to share?
Are there things you never said, but want to say?
Do you want to share your spiritual values?

MY FINAL WISHES will take you on your journey as you prepare for the inevitable – and other possibilities.  Not only is this an incredible gift for your loved ones, but you may find it helps you come to terms with your mortality by creating something of meaning that will live on after you’re gone, or that it provides of sense of completion in your life.

Don’t procrastinate any longer.  Take control of these important issues now.


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PS:  Even if you decide not to purchase my book, I hope you will take the time to read my Health Care Directives page...and then make the decision to prepare yours as soon as possible (if you don't already have one).

Now I can rest in peace!